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I Need Inventory

Helping Sellers Find Suppliers.

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VETTED Suppliers

Every supplier in our database must:

  • Do business legally, just as you and I must
  • Have a real functioning website
  • Be reachable via phone, email or contact form
  • Be someone WE want to do business with as well

Shady, fly-by-night or poorly rated suppliers do not make the cut in our database!

Who is this website for?

Any SELLER of merchandise:

  • Amazon Sellers
  • eBay Sellers
  • eCommerce Sellers
  • Brick and Mortar Merchants
  • Retail Store Buyers
  • Flea Market Sellers
  • New Sellers or Seasoned Pros


What we offer:

A supplier database

for sellers, by sellers.

THOUSANDS of Suppliers.

Benefit from our research. We spent thousands of hours researching THOUSANDS of Wholesalers, Distributors, Liquidators, Private Label Manufacturers & Tradeshow Exhibitors so you don't have to.

Our database includes 70 merchandise categories, 13 supplier types and keyword searches.

We use our own database; it's an invaluable seller tool.

Create your own Bundles.

Amazon FBA Sellers like to create custom bundles to keep competing sellers off their buybox.

Search multiple suppliers for complimentary items to create your own bundles, too!

Find Replenishables.

eBay Sellers have found that replenishables keep the buyers coming.

Our supplier database has TONS of replenishables in the form of consumables, gifts, novelties, hard lines and soft lines, etc!

Build your own brand via Private Label.

Sell your own line of "insert product here" using a "private label" manufacturer.

Just select "Private Label" from the Supplier Type pulldown in our multi-search menu to find them.


All results are returned in slick tables, clean & easy-to-read. No condensed, small-pitched text.

We are mobile-first! We look GREAT on tablets...and you don't need an app, just a browser!


How it works...

It's easy as one, two, three!

These are sample images - YOUR searches will be FULL SCREEN!

1. Search our Supplier Database.

Search our supplier database using our 4-way, multi-relational search filters.


2. Review the Results.

Your results will include the company name and their website. Investigate the Notes for potential candidates.


3. Contact Potential Suppliers.

Get in touch and secure a deal with the provided hot-linked website. It contains the most current company and contact information.


What are you waiting for?

Be proactive.

Find new suppliers today!

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